Welcome to MiSciWriters!


We are a student organization dedicated to improving the written communication abilities of scientists, improving public understanding of science, and advocating for science communication as a field. We seek to connect scientists to the public to promote mutually beneficial communication.


We provide structured training in writing and editing for interested members of the University of Michigan community as well as platforms for practicing science communication. We organize events to provide individualized guidance and feedback for communicating to diverse audiences. We host various scientific communication events, including career panels and talks with established science writers.

⇒ If you want to write for us and are a University of Michigan graduate student, or other UofM community member, submit your topic here!

⇒ If you have questions or want to be a guest blogger, email us at MiSciWriters.leaders@umich.edu


MiSciWriters is supported by the Rackham Graduate School’s Interdisciplinary Workshop program and the Program in the Biological Sciences (PIBS).

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