Writing for MiSciWriters

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3 Stage Workflow for MSW Blog:

Stage 1: Getting Started

  • Author makes a submission of interest in writing a post.
    • Editor-in-Chief replies within 3 days, assigns a senior editor to work one-on-one with the author to brainstorm a topic (if needed), provide feedback on the identified topic and helping to develop an outline. Aim for completion of the outline within two weeks.
  • Author submits topic with outline or completed draft.
    • Editor-in-Chief replies within 3 days to assign editors, confirm a deadline for the first draft (dictated by author, between 2 and 4 weeks away), and provide a specific timeline for workflow to authors, content editors, and senior editor.
    • Note: If a draft is submitted rather than a topic idea (bypassing step 1), it will be forwarded directly to the content editors.

Stage 2: Strengthening your Argument

  • Author sends piece to assigned two content editors by deadline provided in (2).
    • Editors will respond with content feedback focusing on areas outlined in the content feedback guidelines and rubric, within 1 week.
      • Content editors are encouraged to schedule a meeting to discuss content edits. This dramatically improves the quality of feedback and decreases the overall amount of work for both editors and writers.
    • The author has 2 weeks from receiving content feedback to submit a revised draft to the senior editor. This extended time period allows for further discussion with editors (a second round of discussion may be needed to fully strengthen the argument), and receiving outside feedback, if desired.

Stage 3: The Final Touches

  • Author submits revised draft to senior editor.
    • Senior editor will respond with feedback focusing on areas outlined in the focusing on areas outlined in the content feedback guidelines and rubric and ensure consistency with the style guide within 1 week.
      • Note: This editing step may involve multiple back-and-forth edits with the senior editor but discussions should be resolved within 1 week of receiving comments from the senior editor.
  • Author submits final draft of piece to Editor-in-Chief.
    • Editor-in-Chief and Faculty Adviser will copy-edit within 1 week. Author will be notified of any major changes to the final version.
  • Publication to follow.
    • A publication date can be requested, but cannot be guaranteed. 

NOTE: MiSciWriters editorial board encourages authors to seek feedback outside of our writing/editing process.

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