Editor-in-Chief: Whit Froehlich

William (Whit) Froehlich is a third-year medical student at the University of Michigan. Prior to medical school, he studied at Amherst College, earning a BA in Mathematics and Economics. When not studying, taking care of patients, or working on MiSciWriters; he enjoys playing the cello with the Life Sciences Orchestra, serving in Central Student Government, playing board games, and learning more about communities, human systems, and ethics. He’s also sometimes on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Grants Coordinator: Shweta Ramdas

shwetaShweta is a graduate student in Bioinformatics at the University of Michigan. Her research involves studying computational methods to understand the genetic basic of psychiatric disease. Her undergraduate degree is from the National University of Singapore where she studied computational biology. Outside of research, Shweta enjoys reading, yoga, and figuring out the genetic basis for being a muggle (Don’t worry, she’ll let all of us know the secret when figures it out!). Follow her on Twitter (@shramdas) and find her on LinkedIn.

Communications Director: Sarah Kearns

kearns_professionalSarah is a chemical biology doctoral student at the University of Michigan. She is currently working in the Trievel lab studying unconventional chemical interactions in methyltransferase enzymes to the ends of rational drug design. In addition to her research and contributing to the MiSciWriters blog, Sarah also has her own blog, Annotated Science, where she writes about open access and peer review along with up-and-coming scientific discoveries.  She also enjoys baking, hiking, reading philosophy, and drinking lots of coffee. You can follow her on Twitter (@annotated_sci) and connect on LinkedIn.

Logistics Coordinator: Melissa Englund

1menglundprofilepic0_nMelissa is a graduate student in Human Genetics at the University of Michigan. She is currently working in the Kitzman lab on developing and adapting experimental approaches for functional interpretation of genome-scale variation data on a large scale, with a focus on using this biological technology to understand more about the genetics of cancer. After receiving her BA at the University of California, Berkeley she worked for two years at Anvil Biosciences developing immune disease-related therapeutics. As a recent transplant from sunny CA, she has developed weather-appropriate hobbies for MI: tubing and canoeing the river in summer and rock-climbing and reading sci-fi and fiction novels in the winter. She also loves baking and binges Netflix, but that’s a way of life, not a hobby!

Faculty Advisor / Consulting Editor: Scott Barolo

barolomswScott is an Associate Professor of Cell & Developmental Biology at the U-M Med School and the Director of the Program in Biomedical Sciences (PIBS).  Scott enjoys editing far, far more than writing. He also likes movies; dead British writers (Austen, Wodehouse, Conan Doyle, I.M. Banks, Sterne, Dickens, Spark); science communication; and enhancers. Grammar nerds: check out that Oxford semicolon! You can follow Scott on Twitter (@sbarolo) and connect on LinkedIn.

Spanish Language Coordinator: Zena Lapp

photo_zena_lappZena is a graduate student in Bioinformatics at the University of Michigan. Under the mentorship of Dr. Evan Snitkin, she studies how infectious diseases are transmitted between hospitals and how they evolve antibiotic resistance. After graduating with a BA in biochemistry and molecular biology from the College of Wooster, she spent a year volunteering at a children’s home in Bolivia where she realized the importance of communicating science in languages other than English. In addition to research, Zena loves to swim, bike, and run!


Editor-in-Chief: Irene Park
image_park-1So Hae (Irene) Park is a fifth-year Human Genetics PhD student at the University of Michigan. Before attending U of M, she received her BA in Biological Sciences and Philosophy at Cornell University. Now under the joint supervision of Drs. Thomas Wilson and Thomas Glover, Irene is investigating what causes genome instability—an accumulation of mutations in the cells—and how it can be avoided. Genome instability is commonly seen in many human diseases, like cancer. When she is not working during the wee hours in her laboratory or writing/editing for MiSciWriters or The Michigan Daily, Irene likes to watch crime documentaries, collect cute things, read books by comedians, and walk around Ann Arbor while listening to music. Follow her on Twitter (@S_Park89), find her on LinkedIn, or check out her online portfolio.

Editor-in-Chief: Ada Hagan

IMG_20150821_180518_12A co-founder of MiSciWriters, Ada Hagan is a doctoral student here at the University of Michigan in the department of Microbiology and Immunology. She does recon on the sneaky ways bacteria find nutrients (like iron!) when they are invading our bodies. Originally hailing from the mountains of East Tennessee, Ada earned both her B.S. and M.S. in Microbiology from East Tennessee State University. In her spare time, Ada spends time with her pets and husband, cooking, fishing & the occasional Netflix binge. Follow her on Twitter (@adahagan) and find her on LinkedIn.

Logistics Coordinator: Bryan Moyers

bryanOur second co-founder, Bryan Moyers, is a doctoral student in the Bioinformatics program at the University of Michigan. Bryan’s research focuses on methodological problems in molecular evolution, and correctly inferring information from data. In other words, his research sheds light on problems with the methods commonly used in the field of Evolutionary Biology so that improvements can be made. Bryan holds degrees in Biology and Psychology from Purdue University. His interests are in science and education issues, philosophy of science, and the intersection of science and business. Outside of science, Bryan enjoys reading, running, hiking, and brewing/consuming beer. Find him on LinkedIn.

Communications Director: Alisha John

alishaAlisha John is a PhD student in Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology at the University of Michigan. A member of the Wittkopp Lab, Alisha studies how changes in gene expression contribute to different phenotypes seen in nature; more specifically, she is trying to figure out how two fruit fly species became very different in terms of coloration. Alisha is a Michigan native and earned her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Wayne State University in Detroit before making the jump into Biology. When she isn’t busy staring lovingly at Drosophila, you can find Alisha baking delicious desserts, enjoying some great Michigan beers, being an amateur foodie, and/or spending time with friends & family. Follow her on Twitter (@AlishaJohn) and find her on LinkedIn.

Senior Editors:

Kevin Boehnke – Kevin is a doctoral student at the University of Michigan School of Public Health in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences. An Ann Arbor native, Kevin earned a BS in Biology from the University of Michigan in 2009. Kevin is currently studying the risk associated with water contaminated with Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium that is thought to be responsible for much of the world’s burden of peptic ulcer and gastric cancer. He spends his free time camping, doing yoga, reading, cooking, and working in a cooperative vegetable garden with friends. Follow Kevin on twitter (@boehnkster) or find him on LinkedIn.

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