Leadership Team

Editor in Chief: Jennifer Baker


Jenn is a Ph.D. candidate in Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Michigan. Her research in the Dickson and Huffnagle labs focuses on understanding how bacteria in the lung and gut contribute to the unwanted side effects of oxygen therapy (like oxygen-induced lung injury and ventilator-associated pneumonia) in patients with respiratory failure. Before coming to Michigan, Jenn completed a B.S. in Science Education at Indiana Wesleyan University, where she studied bacteria that thrive in extreme environments, including species from Antarctica and an Egyptian soda lake! When she’s not in lab, you can find her cooking, reading, hiking, or taking care of her many houseplants. Connect with Jenn on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Logistics Coordinator: Christina Del Greco 


Christina is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Human Genetics where she studies enzymes that charge tRNA with amino acids in the mitochondria. Before arriving at the University of Michigan, she completed her B.S. in Biological Sciences at the University of Notre Dame (sorry but go Irish!). Christina is most interested in the intersections between biomedical science and policy, and how improved science communication can bring scientists and policymakers together more effectively. Outside of the lab, Christina is most likely reading science fiction, watching reruns of Castle, or teaching herself how to properly lift weights. She can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Communications Director: Zechariah Pfaffenberger

Spanish Language Coordinator: Andrés Rivera Ruiz

Arabic Language Coordinator: Ali Farhat

Lead Illustrator: Katie Bonefas


Katie Bonefas is a Neuroscience PhD candidate in the Iwase Lab. Her thesis work is on chromatin regulators and how the ectopic transcription of germline genes in the brain could impact development and behavior. Katie earned her B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with highest honors. Although Katie always knew she wanted to be a scientist, her second lifelong passion is art. She is drawn to both science and art as each discipline is in pursuit of understanding – as she puts it – “just what on earth existence really is”. Connect with her on Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn to see her scientific and artistic endeavors!

Alumni Relations Director: Sarah Kearns


Sarah earned her Ph.D. in Chemical Biology at the University of Michigan where she studied the molecular roads of the cell in the Cianfrocco and Verhey labs. She is active in science communication by writing for her blog Annotated Science, freelancing with the American Institute of Physics and eLife, editing for MiSciWriters, and chaired the inaugural ComSciCon-Michigan 2018. She also organized the publication of the first MiSciWriters magazine, EquilibriUM. Sarah also loves to bake, take photos, make playlists, and drink lots of coffee. Connect with her on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Faculty Advisor / Consulting Editor: Scott Barolo


Scott is an Associate Professor of Cell & Developmental Biology at the U-M Med School and the Director of the Program in Biomedical Sciences (PIBS).  Scott enjoys editing far, far more than writing. He also likes movies; dead British writers (Austen, Wodehouse, Conan Doyle, I.M. Banks, Sterne, Dickens, Spark); science communication; and enhancers. Grammar nerds: check out that Oxford semicolon! You can follow Scott on Twitter (@sbarolo) and connect on LinkedIn.

Senior Editors

Christina Del GrecoPeijin HanJennifer Baker
Austin ShannonChristian GreenhillRyan Schildcrout

Content Editors

Christian GreenhillKane YorkSophie Hill
Olivia Pifer AlgeGenesis RodriguezChloe Rybicki-Kler
Henry ErtlWill DanaMadeline Cooke
Kristen LoeselRyan SchildcroutSarah Bassiouni
Emily EberhardtZechariah PfaffenbergerSheila Marte
Liz TidwellAndrés Rivera RuizClaire Shudde

Spanish Translators & Editors

Andrés Rivera RuizCristina María RíosGenesis Rodríguez
Neikelyn Burgos-TiradoDaniela Tapia PitzzuFranco Tavella

Arabic Translators & Editors

Ali Farhat


Katie BonefasZoe YeohCatherine Redmond
Emma Thorton-KolbeJacqueline RobertsDevon Hucek
Saaj Chattopadhyay