The author decides on a topic for the post, sets a planned structure for it, and produces an outline, working with a Senior Editor as needed. The result is the strategy and framework the author will use to write the piece. This step is optional but helps with the success of subsequent steps by providing direction for the first draft, which follows.

Structure Editing

The author writes the first draft which then undergoes editing by their Senior Editor for the overall structure of the piece, which helps refine the scope and progression of ideas. The result is a finalized structure with drafted content, referred to as the second draft of the piece.

Content Editing

The second draft undergoes editing for its narrative and scientific content. This is coordinated by the Senior Editor but undertaken by the Content Editors. The Content Editors together to provide feedback for the author with the coordination of the Senior Editor. The author’s resulting revisions work towards a piece that the author and Senior Editor feel is ready to be posted, referred to as the third draft of the piece.

Editorial Review

The Senior Editor presents the third draft to the Editor-in-Chief, who determines if it requires further content editing. If instead it is provisionally ready for posting, the Editor-in-Chief edits the piece and takes input from the Faculty Mentor, who edits as necessary. The Editor-in-Chief corresponds with the author regarding any resulting suggested changes to the piece, and it is finalized for posting! 

Social Media

The piece is posted on the blog and featured on the MiSciWriters Facebook and Twitter accounts, tagging the author and as applicable their department/lab and/or affiliations.