Q: Who can write for the blog?

A: Any trainee (undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral) associated with the University of Michigan on any campus can write for the blog. We do not take guest posts from outside individuals or companies or posts from alumni. As a volunteer team of students, we must be selective with our limited bandwidth to provide the best training experience for writers-in-training here at UM.

Q: How do I pitch a piece for the blog?

A: Submit your name and idea through the Google Form link, accessible through the Write for MiSciWriters! tab in the menu at the top of any page on our website. Our editor-in-chief will review your submission and contact you via email to provide feedback on your pitch. If the topic you’ve pitched fits the scope of our blog, the editor-in-chief will then assign an editorial team and you can start writing!

Q: Do I need to have a draft ready when I pitch?

A: We take submissions at all stages of idea development. In the Google Form, we ask you to describe your idea in a few sentences – you do not need to have an outline or draft ready for your initial pitch. Once the editorial team contacts you regarding your pitch, it can be helpful to have an outline or draft started to expedite the process and explain your idea, but it is not required!

Q: Can I write for the blog even if I don’t know what to write about?

A: Of course! Submit your name through the Google form link here and mention in the comments that you’d like help or advice on potential topics. Our editorial team will work with you to brainstorm ideas and outline the piece before you start writing.

Q: What type of topics do you cover on the blog?

A: We encourage potential authors to submit stories related to any aspect of STEAMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, and Medicine), including the intersection of these subjects with education, communications, and policy.

Q: Can I write about my own research?

A. While we support writers who want to share their research, we strongly discourage writing about any unpublished work so it is easier to submit your original results for publication. If you want to write about your area of expertise, we suggest focusing on recently or previously published results for your piece.

Q: If I submit a piece for the blog, can I seek or receive feedback from people outside of the editorial team?

A: Absolutely! The MiSciWriters editorial board encourages authors to seek feedback outside of our editorial process.

Q: I don’t consider myself a strong writer but I want to learn – can I still write for the blog?

A: Yes! Part of our mission is to train students how to write about science. By design, our blog is an opportunity for writers of all skill levels to develop their abilities – we believe one of the best ways to become a better writer is to write! Our editorial team will support you during the blog-writing process by providing tailored feedback to help you learn and grow as a writer.

Q: Do you publish articles written in languages other than English?

A: We currently publish pieces in English and Spanish. All pieces published in Spanish in the Ciencia en Español have been written and edited in English first during our normal editorial process, then translated into Spanish by our translation team. We are currently working to build an Arabic translations team, and hope to have that available to our readers soon!